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Billings American Legion Baseball
Yellowstone Naturopathic Clinic
Dustin Davison Construction



Professional Freight Brokerage (Navigator Direct)

2002 Holiday Glow Campaign (Billings Clinic)

Arts & Culture in Billings, Montana (Billings Cultural Partners)

Embark Here . . .  (Billings Depot)

Energy Management and Clean Air:  3M Quality at Work (3M Company)

Environment, Health and Safety at Honeywell (Honeywell, Inc.)

Environmental Drilling, Sampling, Testing (Bay West, Inc.)

Field Services (Bay West, Inc.)
Guide to Site Sensitivity and Environmental Responsibility (Equitable
Resources Energy Co.)

The House That Love Lit (Ronald McDonald House of Billings)
Welcome, Friends (Ronald McDonald House of Billings)

Women’s Weekend Purifying Retreat (Yellowstone Naturopathic Clinic)

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Product and Services Sheets

Environmental Services Sheets (Nova Environmental)

No-Mate CM Spiral: Single Application Mating Disruption
NoMate CM Fiber: Sprayable Hormone for Mating Disruption

Storage Tank Specification Summaries (U.S. EPA)


Direct Mail

All-City Graduation Celebrations (Fundraising Letter)

Marketing Postcards (Austin-Lehman Adventures)

Senior High Rad Grad (Fundraising Cards)

The Perfect Gift (City of Billings)



“On Projects Large and Small, We Go the Distance” (Elk River Concrete

“Sprayable Pheromone for Codling Moth Mating Disruption” (Scentry
Biologicals, Inc.)



HeartPrints (Ronald McDonald House of Billings)
Neighborhood News (ExxonMobil Billings)
Assorted newsletters


"Panel: Climate Change is Here", The Outpost

"Republican Pushes Carbon Tax Solution", The Outpost

"Big Bang for Small Bucks: Writing an Effective Press Release"; Western

"Breaking Their Silence"; Corporate Report Minnesota

"Doctor Shorty"; The Rimrock

"Encore: Professor Emeritus Frederick Miller"; The Rimrock

"FDA Ruling on Dental Mercury Fails to Protect"; Natural Life News &

"Flood-Control Project a Unique Solution for City"; American City &

"Health-Centered Dentistry: Oral Health for Every Body"; Natural Life
News & Directory

"Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body"; Natural Life News & Directory

"Itch-free Fleece"; Harrowsmith Country Life

"Local Concrete Maker Augments Art, Architecture at New Bank";
Western Business

"The Non-Accidental Tourist: Packaging Montana"; Montana Magazine

"Nordic Group International: These Guys Just Want to Have Fun";
Montana Magazine

“Pollution Prevention Plus:  3M Hastens Pollution Prevention Payoff with
Investment in Pollution Controls,“ Pollution Engineering

“Prevention: Planning Ahead for Clean Air,” Business & Industry

"Sleep Disorders Require Team Effort"; Natural Life News & Directory

"Spanning a Century"; Twin Cities

"Start-Ups: A New Business Sampler"; Montana Magazine

“Surveying Lead Paint,” Minnesota Real Estate Journal

"Waste Exchanges Offer Alternatives to Disposal"; CityBusiness

"Who's New?"; Montana Magazine


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